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  Jy Series 2 To 40 KVA OL  
  Smart Sine (Tower) Series  
  Main Features  
Mains Frequency Double Conversion Design

According to survey, the average fault ratio of JY series UPS in three years is lower than 1%, and such high-credibility comes from UPS mains frequency double-conversion technology mainstream design.

Pulse Width Modulation Technology

Applying HF PWM (pulse width modulation) technology has greatly increased the reliability of inverter.

Optimized Structure Design

JY series UPS apply the principle of optimized structure design, simple and reasonable circuit structure, this makes JY series UPS use less PCB boards and components and get better specifications than other similar UPS products; makes JY UPS high reliable and smaller. MTBF (mean time between failures) can achieve 360,000 hours. Total volume ratio is less than 70 cubic meters per KVA; and total weight ratio is less than 100 kilograms per 10KVA. This high reliability and super-Mini structure is outstanding in the design of isolation transformer technology.

Resist Impact Of Cold Load Pickup

Design of sensitive peak current protection, JY series UPS have strong functions of driving non-linear load, output short circuit protection and 100% resisting impact of cold load pickup. No switch to bypass when cold load pickup.

Environmental Protection

JY series UPS fully meet environmental protection requirement. Low power consumption, low ripple pollution and noise, JY UPS comply with the strictest EMI shielding standard. Special design of lighting proof concept has been integrated into the JY series UPS product design.

Wide Input Voltage Range

Wide input voltage range design, input voltage of single phase is 160Vac-300Vac, and input voltage of three-phase is 380Vacą25%, this better work out the problems resulting from mains dramatic change.

Redundancy Parallel

N+1 or N+X redundancy parallel operation mode, parallel up to 8 units of UPS, further upgrade system reliability.

Easy to maintain design

According to the service and maintenance requirement, the structural of JY series adopts overall design that is different from traditional decentralized structural design. This design greatly saves the cost and space. MTTR of UPS (mean time to repair) is less than other similar UPS products. This design also makes the lowest cost of service and maintenance.

Friendly human-machine interface

The diagnosis function can directly reflect the UPS running status and inner failure real time information via dual LED and digital LCD.

Network Monitor Management

The availability of RS-232 interface makes it possible for UPS to realize its multifunctional and multiple-purpose monitoring management by connecting the personal computers and other surveillance equipment, the surveillance of which includes the mains status, UPS working status, system setup, menu operation, remote control and self-diagnosis, records and analysis, system shutdown operation etc. In addition, the network management system can also be set up by optional SNMP card.

JY series UPS LCD screen panel

Technical Specifications

  Model And Capacity
  JY30S/3KVA - JY30L/3KVA - JY20S/2KVA - JY20L/2KVA
  Redundancy Parallel
  Parallel up to 8 UPS
  Overload, short circuit, overheat, Mains over/under voltage, low battery
  LCD( fault information)+LED
  Input voltage
  220 Vac ( 120-300Vac)
  Input frequency range
  Output voltage
  220 Vac
  Output Power Factor
  Output frequency
  RS232/SNMP/485/ dry contact (optional)
  Monitor software
  monitor management software supporting all operating system

"L" stands for long time backup UPS machine.
“S” stands for standard type of UPS machine.
“31”stands for phase:3 in/1 out.
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Important Notice : Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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