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Main Feature

High reliable high usability rack-mount online UPS

JY-RM series UPS adopts full digital control technology by using multi CPU, N+1 or N+X redundancy parallel, applying SMD technology, it enjoy outstanding stability and reliability. Application covers data servers, key communication equipments, critical medical equipments, precision instruments, industrial manufacturing control systems and high -end equipments etc.

Basic Principle of high reliability

Mainstream Design of power frequency double conversion, when the mains is normal, both of rectifer and inverter are working, isolated tranformer filter the mains disturbances and surge to the load, greatly improve the output current distortion and make the UPS and load be the best fit. When the line failure occurs, inverter seizes the power from battery and continuously supplies the load. Appling PWM (pulse width modulation) technology change DC power to low harmonic distortion pure sine wave, stabilize voltage and check the input/output voltage, current, battery voltage, make overvoltage, overload, overheat protection accurate and speedy. Together with fourth generation IGBT technology, JY-RM series UPS enjoy high efficiency, good output waveform, quick response, low noise, strong protection and high reliability of inverter.

Perfect protection and function
Strong Ability for Resisting Load Impact

The value of cooling load is much more greater than those of working load, for example, computer equipment value is becoming 10-50 times when started from cooling status. So the inrush starting current is much more higger than the rated current. Usually, many other UPS machines will be automatically switched to bypass operation, it is very dangerous if mains is abnormal, some of other UPS machines will turn off the inverter output, this will cause the power interruption. Therefore resisting load start impact becomes a very important index for measuring the level of UPS.

JY-RM UPS apply sensitive inrush current protection design, which makes UPS have strong ability in driving non-linear load, output short circuit and resisting cold start impact etc, the UPS needn't to switch to bypass when 100% load cold start.

Short circuit protection

If short circuit occurs, it is very dangerous if there is no protection. The information equipment will be damaged, even cause a fire diaster. So short circuit protection is very important for UPS. JY-RM series UPS have strong short circuit protection. That is, turn off inverter output if short circuit occurs.

Suitable for generators

JY-RM series UPS has very good adaptability to generators, and it can connect with many kinds of generators.

N+1 or N+X redundancy parallel

Design of N+1 or N+X redundancy parallel operation, parallel up to 8 units of UPS; further upgrade the reliability of system.
JY30L-RM/3KVA   JY50L-RM/5KVA Parallel system   JY30L-RM/3KVA Parallel system   JY30L-RM/3KVA Parallel system

Technical Specifications

For technical specifications please email us.

  Model and capacity
  Redundancy parallel
  Parallel up to 8 UPS
  Overload, short circuit,overheat,Mains over/under voltage, low battery
  LCD (display in English, fault messages) +LED
  Input voltage
  220 Vac
  Input frequency range
  Output voltage
  220 Vac
  Output power factor
  Output frequency
  Static bypass input voltage
  RS232/SNMP/485/dry contact (optional)
  Monitor software
  monitor management software supporting all operating system
  "L" stands for long time backup UPS machine,
  Important Notice : Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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