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Main Feature

MT-T series UPS adopts the Multi CPU single chip microprocessor control technology, N+1 or N+X module structure design, achieve multi modules redundancy and hot swap technology; further improve the UPS system reliability and usability, prolong MTBF (mean time between failure) to 500,000 hours and shorten the MTTR (mean time to repair) to 5 minutes. The security of power system has been upgraded to unprecedented. The application covers data server, key communication equipment, important precision instruments, industrial manufacturing control system and high-end equipment etc.

Compared with traditional UPS, MT-T series have more advantages:

N+1 or N+X structure according to customers actual need.

Array system with power module load sharing.

Any module failure occur, the remaining modules immediately share its load to ensure system smooth operation.

All modules in system have completely independent operational capability, it is not necessary for Central system controller to centralized control the parallel system.

It can be said that each module is independent UPS power system.

System running is not affected by display, communication, monitor of the system.

High reliable running system

Design of mains frequency double conversion online technology with isolated transformer, MT-T series UPS completely insulate load from inrush current and interference of mains, greatly improve the load current harmonic distortion, that best fit the load. High reliable running system is highly guaranteed..

N+1 or N+X redundancy parallel module operation

All power module in MT-T series averagely share the load, each module is intelligent independent unit with built-in redundancy function. Any fault (including system display) of module occur, The design of MT-T series will play the role to ensure the equipment normal operation, to achieve the redundancy to the greatest degree. User can add one or X unit module as stand-by to achieve high system security operation. All this greatly saves the investment for traditional dual module redundancy. Modules can share the batteries..

Easy maintenance

Design of hot-plugging technology, individual module can easily plug in or plug out the system even the system is still running. It the more convenient and safer than the manual maintenance bypass of traditional UPS, greatly shorten the servicing time, MTTR (mean time to repair) reach to 5 minutes. Realize UPS redundancy and random expansion, fully meet customer’s actual requirements..

Wide input voltage/frequency range

Good adaptability, output is free of grid interference, be able to adapt to bad power environment, it is an ideal green energy source.
Human-machine interface and remote monitor management

MT-T series UPS have big super bright 320x240 dot matrix LCD screen with menu operation, indicating running status of individual module in system, friendly user interface, system can communicate with personal computer through RS232, optional SNMP card is available to make remote network management.

Technical Specifications

For technical specifications please email us.

  Model and capacity
  Redundancy parallel
  Parallel up to 8 modules, mains frequency, double conversion , isolated design
  Overload, short circuit,overheat,Mains over/under voltage, low battery
  LCD display in English, Providing fault information +LED
  Input voltage
  3×380Vac+N+W220 Vac
  Input frequency range
  Output voltage
  220 Vac±1%
  Output power factor
  Output frequency
  Manual bypass
  RS232/SNMP/485/ dry contact (optional)
  Monitor software
  Monitor management software supporting all operating system
  Important Notice : Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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