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  RP Series 10 To 80 KVA OL  
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Main Feature

RP series UPS adopt full digital DSP control technology, Its Capacity range from 10KVA-80KVA with parallel redundancy. RP series UPS are high reliable, usability online UPS power safeguard system suitable for industrial automatically control devices applications.

Full digital control

Newest DSP (digital signal processor) modulation control technology design, together with synchronization control mode by using multi processor (7 units in total), it owns high intelligent, quick response of detect and protection, this technology really realize UPS full digital operation, greatly upgrade UPS reliability, stability and the speed of control and protection.

Design system

RP series UPS is a real online intelligent mains frequency UPS with isolated double conversion topology.

Intelligent full bridge inverter

RP series rectifier is a mains frequency AC-DC converter with DSP full digital control, when it supply DC to inverter, it also provide power source for battery charging under intelligent management. Wide input voltage, strong (protection (mains over/under voltage, phase lack/dislocation, line and neutral misconnection, output over/under voltage, overload, cold start), design of automatically adjusting input power factor and isolation system.

Self-diagnosis and self-protection

RP series UPS have the strong function of self-diagnosis and self-protection, whole machine have 32 monitor sensors, together with DSP high speed detecting and response, all this make UPS comparatively perfect self-protection. More than 200 fault information display, data history display, allowing equipment parameter setting, self-diagnosis, specially designed for emergency shutdown.

Full bridge isolated inverter

True galvanic isolation inverter design, high-powered transformer, fourth generation IGBT technology. Good dynamic response, crest ratio can be reach 5:1

Intelligent charge and battery management system

10 to 30A high current self-correcting charger, battery programmed test and protection system, auto-choosing protection mode of battery, automatic warning system, periodically charge and discharge recycle system, system protection enactment choice if no load, etc.

Automatic Bypass and Static Switch

Safe and intelligent design of static bypass switch.

High Dependable Manual Maintenance

Manual Maintenance of RP series uses revolving switch, turn inverting status to mains status by revolving the switch at once when UPS needs to be serviced.

Input / Output EMI Filter

RP series UPS have input / output EMI filters, high anti-jamming design, in accordance with high EMC standard, D grade lighting proof.

Three phase load balance

RP series UPS three phase output can completely reach 100% un-balance, it means that any phase load can be zero and any one in other two can be fully loaded.

Friendly user interface and remote monitor network management

RP series UPS have big super bright LCD display with 4*12 dot matrix, completely user friendly.

More than 200 pieces fault information on LCD screen can fully indicate the running status of UPS and utility. Mains panel of RP series UPS have a number of functional and parameter setting buttons, which can fully realize the double conversation of machine to human. It can be said that RP series UPS are specially customized for users.

Optional UPS Com Management software,.

UPS can communicate with computers and other monitor equipments through RS-232 interface, achieve its multifunctional and multiple-purpose operations, the network management system can be set up by optional SNMP card
RP series UPS LCD mains panel

Technical Specifications

  RP10033/10KVA - RP15033/15KVA - RP20033/20KVA - RP30033/30KVA - RP40033/40KVA - RP60033/60KVA - RP80033/80KVA
  Overload, short circuit ,overheat ,Mains over/under voltage, low battery
  LCD(4×12 dot matrix more than 112 piece fault information)+ LED
  Input voltage
  Input frequency range
  Output voltage
  Output power factor
  Output frequency
  Crest ratio
  Static bypass input voltage
  Manual bypass
  RS232/SNMP/485/ dry contact (optional)
  Monitor software
  monitor management software supporting all operating system

" L” stands for long time backup UPS machine
“33”stands for phase:3 in/3 out.
  For technical specifications please email us.
Important Notice : Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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