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  RP-K-Series 10 To 200 KVA  
  Smart Sine (Tower) Series  
Main Feature

RP-K series UPS is a three-phase high power pure online UPS system adopt Intel's multi CPU+CPLD full digital control technology, an entirely new generation of UPS products with N+X parallel redundancy function. It uses mainstream low frequency design of double conversion, SMD technology, owns high stability and reliability. Mains frequency transformer effectively suppresses and isolates the impact of inrush peak from mains, greatly improve the harmonic distortion, and make UPS best fit for load. RP-K series UPS is specially designed for large critical application system, such as Data processing center, Large computer center, Medical equipment, Manufacturing process control system etc.
Leading control technology

Advanced Intel's multi CPU+CPLD modulation control technology design, high intelligent. The application of CPLD device faster the system response, the speed of detection, protection and response reach to NS grade, the detection and protection features are more perfect and precision, all machine dynamic and static index achieve optimization.

New generation of power device

Using new generation of power device with higher current density and smaller loss, further upgrade stability and reliability.

N+X Parallel redundant operation

Using N+X parallel redundant operation, parallel up to eight UPS, further improve system reliability.

Strong resistive load impact ability

In accordance with the strictest requirement of load, Specially design unique peak current protection for various condition of load. Strong resistive load impact ability, UPS will not turn to bypass because of cold start transient impact, have the good protection function under the condition of non-linear load, output short circuit.

Intelligent battery management system

Intelligent rectifier / charger with auto conversion between battery equalization and floating have the function of quick charging and activating battery, ensure the battery life.

Wide input voltage / frequency range

Good adaptability, output is free of utility interference, be able to adapt to bad power environment, it is an ideal green energy source.

Newest thermal solutions

Design of isolated air conduit with anti dust and thermal insulation of circuit unit, high thermal efficiency, low noise and small loss this greatly improves the UPS reliability. Intelligent fan speed control design to automatically turn on/ off the fan switch and control fan speed according the actual condition of environment temperature, actual temperature, actual temperature rise and UPS power parts actual load.

Friendly human-machine interface and intelligent management monitoring software

Screen panel of RP-K series adopt big super-bright LCD with 300*240 dot-matrix, indicating running status with menu operation, provide more than 90 pieces fault information, friendly human-machine interface.
RP-K series UPS can work with PC through RS232 interface, it is easy to use and manage. The network monitoring management can be set up by optional SNMP card. RP-K series UPS also provides convenient dry contact.

RP-K series UPS LCD mains panel

Technical Specifications

  Rating kva
  Redundancy parallel
  Parallel up to 8 units of UPS
  Overload, short circuit, overheat, Mains over/under voltage, low battery
  LCD (320×240 dot matrix , 90 pieces fault information) + LED
  Input voltage
  Range of input frequency
  Output voltage
  Output power factor
  Output frequency
  Static bypass input voltage
  Manual bypass
  RS232 / SNMP / 485 / dry contact (optional)
  Monitor software
  Monitor management software supporting most operating systems
  For technical specifications please email us.
Important Notice : Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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