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Main Feature

SB05S, SB10S, SB10L of SB series use high integration single chip processor to control UPS and make the protection speedy, to simply the control circuit, heighten the agility and stability of the control, to lower the distortion, and to advance the reliability of UPS. Fundamental changes in technology have already taken place compared to the traditional UPS.

Auto sensing frequency

When mains frequency is 45~65Hz, SB05S / SB10S / SB10L UPS will auto trace the input frequency and output 50Hz or 60Hz frequency. Avoid and reduce the transfer of switching to battery, prolong the battery life.

Offline structure design

Offline structure design makes the UPS greatest efficiency in the line mode. Digital control with AVR function expand the input range with 160-275Vac / 50/60Hz±10%, this ensure user can operate UPS with different environment condition.

Good battery maintenance system

Shut down the UPS in 2 minutes without load on battery mode, protect the battery to the greatest degree, and prolong the cycle life of battery. Specially design the long time backup SB10L UPS for power shortage areas. SB series UPS products have good adaptability to generators. It can work with all kinds of generators; greatly reduce the running cost for customers.

Novel Output interface

Considering the different input ways of equipment, SB series UPS specially design the Chinese output socket and American output socket to avoid the short circuit caused by users' incorrect line-connection because of different equipment input ways, SB series UPS also design the parallel port for printer.

Telephone and line protection

The natural enemy of telephone and line comes from deadly crest and surge disturbance, for example: lightning, crest and surge caused by sudden change of electrical grid. If don't restrain it, communication and data information will be destroyed, directly influence user's business. According line's characteristic, we specially designed RJ11's TVSS (Transient voltage surge suppressor), which provide protection for MODEM, fax, telephone network line etc.
Network monitor management

SB05S / SB10S / SB10L of SB series UPS can fully meet the requirement for network monitor management. full digital design, The availability of RS-232 interface makes it possible for SB UPS to realize its multifunctional and multiple-purpose monitoring management by connecting the personal computers and other surveillance equipment, the surveillance of which includes the mains status, UPS working status, system setup, menu operation, remote control and self-diagnosis, records and analysis, system shutdown operation etc. In addition, the network management system can also be set up by optional SNMP card.
rear panel output
rear panel output
rear panel output

Technical Specifications

For technical specifications please email us.

  Model and capacity
  Input voltage
  220Vac +22% -30%
  Input frequency range
  Output voltage on mains
  220Vac±10%(mains votage±20% )
  Inverter output
  Input voltage range
  Output waveform
  Square wave
  Transfer time
  < 2ms
  LED Display
  UPS and battery running status, fault information
  Overload protection
  > 110% alarm and shutdown
  Modem protection
  2 piece RJ11
  Audible alarm
  Mains failure, low battery, overload, UPS fault
  RS232/SNMP/485/ dry contact (optional)
  Monitor software
  monitor management software supporting all operating system
  "L" stands for long time backup UPS machine; "S" stands for standard type of UPS machine,
  Important Note : Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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